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Hunting trips in California: United States: known for multiple wild turkey species and exceptional wild trout and bass fly fishing

Under the blind, there’s a wait until the imminent cackle and honk of approaching geese faintly grace the air. California has a strong standing with waterfowling and turkey hunting. The past years, wild turkey populations have been flourishing by the masses with more and more mature tom turkeys and their pompous plumage. With the Rio Grande, Eastern and Merriam turkeys rising in numbers, hunters can expect a healthy diversity in choice in which a high percentage can be found in Northern California. Although the numbers run high, wild turkeys can still be cunning making it crucial to track and call turkeys. Head down to Sacramento Valley for flocking geese along natural ponds and rice fields. Canyons of green with cicadas singing under year-long lovely weather makes hunting in California mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. Not to forget the strong presence of deer in the Californian mountains. Glassing is the preferred hunting method, allowing for incredibly long shots across ridges to harvest that trophy blacktail buck. California has outstanding landscapes that grace the lenses of photographers worldwide, among its wonders is Yosemite National Park. The lavish wildlife extends to its waters which are abundant in rainbow and brown trout, smallmouth bass and many other species. For bass especially, California is reputed for recording some of the largest bass fish in its lakes. Clear Lake has been recognized for promised success in bass fishing. Yet these waters aren’t exclusive to bass, there you may also find blackfish, perch, crappie and catfish in countless quantities.

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